Ship up to four pounds of rings to anywhere in the U.S. for $5.50!


   Currently all rings we offer are made on an automatic coiler to specified diameters and material type. Once a batch of rings are run, they are tumbled in an almond shell to bring out their shine. This process also removes some of the pinch/machine cut burr from the rings, but doesn't completely remove any sharp edges.

   You will notice that the rings are sold in quarter pound increments. So for example, if you need 4 pounds of rings you would need to enter 16 units in the cart for that particular item. When your shipment comes in, the rings will be in one bulk bag of 4 pounds (plus a little over).

   From the mill, to the warehouse, to me, to you, this is where all our ambitions need to begin. If there is a material type or wire diameter that you would like to buy, and don't see available here, contact me and I'll help you get it.

   Wire is sold at a 5 pound minimum.

   Coils are strips of continuously coiled rings for trimming yourself. Expect these to be anywhere from 3-27 feet long in the desired diameter/material type. If you already have a ring cutting setup and you want to have saw cut rings, this is your best bang for your buck!